• Screening No 11

    fr Dec 20th · 8 Pm @ culturefix

FilmGym Screening Of International Shorts

One more time before FilmGym takes the leap and the last time before the new year!

FilmGym is proud to present a galore of local filmmakers presenting their short films in the LES. Among the works presented are Chance of Rain, Filmgym’s own production and Festival Winner at Sonoma International Film Festival. FilmGym buff Jessica Sue Burstein will present her festival darling “Chicken” and Jocelyn O’Neil brings her dark comedy “Brunch”, directed by Todd Morris. More exciting stuff to be announced soon.

In addition, Oscar-nominated short Head Over Heels, an animated film by Tim Reckart will be joining the ranks!

Save the date and shine your shoes. It’s gonna be fun.

includes following Films

  • Chance Of Rain (14 MIN)

    directed by Philipp C. Wolter

  • chicken (26 MIN)

    directed by Jessica Sue Bernstein

  • Brunch (4 MIN)

    directed by Todd Morris

  • Head Over Heels (11 MIN)

    directed by Tim Reckart

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